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Time & Labor Management

Online or biometric time collection

WebTime offers the flexibility to capture time via a wide variety of interfaces, including online “punching”, online direct time entry and biometric time clocks. Online punching can be restricted to specific network addresses to ensure employees are on-site. Biometric clocks eliminate “buddy punching” and provide a simple solution for groups of employees that do not have access to a computer or other device with internet access.

Online Punching Example

Labor allocation

Time entries can be allocated to multiple levels of cost centers. Employees can be authorized to select from all or a subset of the available cost centers. Cost centers can be automatically assigned based on the employee’s location at the time of their punch – this can be determined by the time clock they use, their physical location when using the mobile app or the network address of the computer they use.

Labor Allocation Example

Time off requesting

Employees can request paid or unpaid time off using the web interface or the mobile app. Automated email notifications can be delivered to one or more approvers as well as to the employee upon approval. Employees can be authorized to select from all or a subset of the time off categories for the organization. Approvers are alerted to potential conflicting requests (e.g., more than one employee requesting the same day off).

Time Sheet Online Tool

Approval & workflow

The timesheet and time off approval workflow can be configured to require one to many levels of management approval. Approval authority can be based on direct manager to employee assignments, as well as through security groups based on employee classifications (e.g., by cost center, by pay type, by status, etc.). Custom filter-based groups can also be configured (e.g., all non-exempt employees assigned to a specific job code at a specific location).

Email alerts/reports

Over 50 event-triggered email notifications are available to alert managers, administrators and employees, when either events have occurred (e.g. a time off request was approved), or when an action is required (e.g., timesheets are ready for review and approval). Reports can be configured to be emailed on specific days (e.g., every Friday, on the 15th and last days of the month, etc.) to groups or individuals, either embedded in the email body or as an attachment (e.g., Excel, PDF, etc.).

Flexible/intuitive report writer

The WebTime interface itself is a built-in report writer. Reports as well as screens can be quickly customized in seconds using intuitive controls that allow you to:

  • Set the date range
  • Set the number of records to be displayed on each page
  • Sort by one to many columns
  • Group by one to many columns
  • Filter columns for specific values, partial values, lists of values, etc.
  • Add, remove, reposition columns
  • Change column headings and formatting
  • Export to a variety of file types (e.g., Excel, PDF, CSV, etc.)
  • Save an unlimited number of report versions
  • Share saved report versions with other users
  • Configure saved reports to be emailed

Report Configuration Example from IBS Payroll

Payroll Report Example

Management dashboard

The “Dashboard” can be customized by individual users to provide easy access to the key functions and reports they use most often.

Management Dashboard

Management Payroll Dashboard

Dashboard Example for Management

Mobile app

A free mobile app is available for iOS (e.g., iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows Phone devices. Employees can be authorized to perform many key system functions, such as punching in/out, requesting time off and approving timesheets and time offs, from the mobile app.

Mobile App

Mobile App for Payroll

Customizable pay rules

Pay rules can be customized to adhere to various labor laws, as well as any unique company policies (e.g., paid breaks, paid lunches, holiday eligibility, shift differentials, etc.).

Profile-based rules & policies

System rules and policies, such as pay rules, timesheet styles and rules, system security, schedules and holiday lists are stored in “profiles”. An unlimited number of profiles can be configured which provides the flexibility to customize the use of the system for every employee type.

Quick Link/hyperlink navigation

Quick link buttons and hyperlinks are available throughout the system for quick navigation to other relevant areas. “Previous Screen” buttons are available to easily navigate back

Exception reporting

Automated exceptions can be triggered for events such as early in, late in, early out, late out, no lunch, short lunch, unscheduled absence, overtime, etc.  Graphical reporting enables management to easily identify exception patterns.

Exception Reporting Example


WebTime offers an extensive set of accrual configuration options, including multiple accrual methods, waiting periods, carry over rules and personal accrual schedules.

Audit trails

Detailed information is tracked for events such as changes to employee records and timesheets. This includes the precise time of the event, the user, the network IP address logged in from and the before and after values of a changed item


Fixed or on-the-fly schedules can be assigned to employees and can drive exception (e.g., late, early, absent) reporting, schedule-based overtime rules and scheduled vs. actual reporting.

Scheduling Example


Employees that do not have access to a computer or other device with internet access, can be authorized to clock in/out from a telephone. This can be limited to a specific list of phone numbers and the phone number called from can be used to automatically set a cost center such as location. Employees can be prompted in English or Spanish to clock in/out, enter dollar amounts, enter pieces/units and select cost centers for labor allocation purposes. Employees can be required to leave a voice recording with all or a percentage of calls, to verify their identity.