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ACA & The Unexpected…

The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Will it stay or will it go?  Can we leave it in the past or do we need to be prepared? 

According to Attorney and ACA expert, Arthur Tacchino, "...the Affordable Care Act will remain stable for at least two more reporting seasons"

What does this mean for your company?  Click here to read the full article by Tacchino.  Although recent lawsuits have caused speculation as to the future of ACA requirements, experts like Tacchino send a clear message,  "When HR professionals look for what is required for the 2018 reporting season and beyond, it’s clear: The ACA is here to stay". 

It is important that HR professionals keep up to date on the happenings surrounding ACA in order to remain compliant and avoid penalties.  See the links below for additional resources regarding information on the Affordable Care Act.   Also, keep a look out for our next blog post on general HR Resources to help you stay up to date and compliant! 

Did You Know?
Innovative Business Solutions offers an ACA 1094c/1095c form generating solution add-on service for current clients on the WebHCM platform (fees associated).  To inquire/request this service, you may create a support ticket in our case system by emailing


ACA Information
U.S Department of Health and Human Services:  About The Affordable Care Act
Internal Revenue Service:  Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions for Employers
Society for Human Resource Management:  ACA Resources



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Disclaimer:  These materials are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended as legal or tax advice.  Readers of the IBS Blog should contact their legal or tax professionals to discuss how these matters relate to their individual circumstances.


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